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exe-eBook Creator 1.5

exe-eBook Creator 1.5: Freeware eBook compiler for TreePad files: creates stand-alone exe eBooks exe-eBook is that it can be distributed royalty-free as a single file, since both data and viewer program are contained inside the program. Furthermore, a TreePad exe-eBook runs directly without installing anything! exe-eBook creator can also compile password protected and encrypted TreePad files as exe-eBook. Additionally: exe-eBooks contain a search engine, an options screen, zoom function 10% - 1000%, history back/forward, etc. An exe-eBook can

unWC 4.1: A batch decompiler for .EXE type ebooks made by Webcompiler
unWC 4.1

ebook (these soucre file are saved in the folder you`ve selected)! With unWC, you also can decompile those ebooks in a batch: select a folder that contains .exe type ebooks which were compiled by Webcompiler, then select a output folder, press the `Begin to extract` button, all ebooks will be decompiled quickly (unWC will ignore any unknown ebook automatically). What can I do with it? Extract all source files from an .EXE type ebook which was compiled

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HTML Executable Website and ebook compiler: turn websites into secure desktop applications
HTML Executable

ebooks is possible. Everything of the website/ebook application can then be customized from A to Z: - apply skins to the user interface (real skin support for ebooks), more than 100 skins + a free skin editor available; - configure the user interface: toolbar with alpha-blended images, menus, status bar, printer... - use scripting to control ebook behaviors and respond to user events; - make portable ebooks running on USB disks; - protect pages using

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DIY Solar Power Ebook 1.0: DIY Solar Power ebook in executable format for Windows.
DIY Solar Power Ebook 1.0

DIY Solar Power ebook in executable format for Windows. Get the best information on alternative energy strategies for every home owner, with a review of the best step-by-step guide for building and installing solar panels and wind turbines, to generate your own electricty at home and become independent of the commercial power suppliers.

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DRMsoft Html to EXE Packer 7.0: Pack html, images, swf, flv to exe, make html ebook on the fly.
DRMsoft Html to EXE Packer 7.0

Pack html, images, swf, flv to exe, make html ebook on the fly. Pack html to exe, supports html, flash(swf, flv), frame, images(gif, jpg, png, etc.), pack all into a single exe. The encrypted ebook can prevent copying, prevent editing, prevent printing. You can set open password with PC- binding for your ebook, you can set number of opening, expiry date, open time. Supports pop up page, and still protect the pop up page.

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HTML Ebook Maker and Encrypter 4.2: Support html,picture,flash,swf,video... pack all into a single exe,and encrypt.
HTML Ebook Maker and Encrypter 4.2

ebooks and create open password? It is strongly suggested that you should watch the video demonstration on how to make and encrypt ebook.The video demo be included in the download package. 2.How do I know the machine ID of the user`s computer? When a user wants to open an encrypted ebook (if the encrypted ebook`s mode has been setted to "binding- PC"), the encrypted ebook will pop up a dialog box to request the user to enter a open Password. This

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DIY Solar Panel Ebook 1.0: DIY Solar Panel ebook for Windows operating system.
DIY Solar Panel Ebook 1.0

DIY Solar Panel ebook for Windows operating system. Provides great resources for all homeowners and alternative energy enthusiasts who wish to learn how to be independent of the traditional fuel suppliers. In this ebook, we discuss what are the different choices for people who want to use renewable fuel resources for their cars.

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